Egg Recipes

Some egg recipes with spices, as main dish, snacks and starters

Anda Pakoda : Fried egg preparation as a starter dish

Bread Egg Roll : Egg dish with bread as a snack

Egg Bhurji : Quick fried egg dish with or without bengal gram flour

Egg Biryani : Spicy egg biryani prepared with rice and boiled eggs

Egg Cream Cheese : Baked egg dish with cream and cheese

Egg Curry : Hot and spicy egg dish with gravy

Egg Korma : A rich and spicy egg dish prepared with cashew nut

Egg Masala : Rich and spicy egg dish with gravy

Egg Roll : Starter dish of egg roll with vegetables

Egg Samosa : Rich dish of fried eggs with cheese

Egg Stew : Easy to make egg dish with gravy

Palak Seekh : Rich dish of eggs with spinach

Stuffed Eggs : Rich and spicy stuffed eggs with mince balls

Sweet dishes with egg

Eggs Banana Frittata : A rich nourishing egg frittata sweet dish with banana and cream

Egg Custard : Egg dish with slice bread

Egg Pudding : Egg sweet dish with glucose biscuit

Egg is a good source of protein in our daily food. Recipes given here can be served as a main dish, or it can be taken as snacks and starters.

Eggs can be boiled, fried, baked or can be cooked directly on fire. It takes very little time to cook an egg. It is a versatile food, which blends with lots of other recipes. Egg preparation can be hot and spicy, or you can even make a sweet dish with eggs.

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