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This is the right place for you to find various cooking recipes for day to day preparation or, if you are throwing a party, then you can find some lavish preparations. We have recipes, further showed in slightly different manner to make it low calorie diet, rich and high calorie treat or really hot and spicy.

Healthy recipes are low in calorific value and prepared with minimum oil and spices. These recipes are for those who are health conscious or want to reduce and maintain their weight.

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Rich and spicy version of the same recipe is prepared in more quantity of oil and it is more spicy. This variant is for those food savvy, who love hot and spicy food.

These recipes are prepared with Indian spices and herbs which has medicinal properties. Spices and herbs help in digestion and absorption of the food. Some of these spices are pungent and hot in taste but they are good for our body. Indian recipes are combination of different cooking process like boiling, frying, baking, stir frying, blanching, steaming, broiling and roasting.

Cake recipes Rice recipes Dal and gravy

Enjoy these recipes and if you wish to reduce or increase the quantity of any particular ingredient as per your choice and taste, do it. After all, we are just suggesting you how to prepare a dish, but the real taste comes from your hands, which makes the dish with love. We will appreciate, if you give us your feed back and suggestion regarding any recipe. If you have some unique preparation or presentation, please write about it and we will publish it with credit to you for your thankful contribution.

Enjoy your happy cooking recipes.


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Cake recipes
various cake recipes and cake decoration techniques
Chicken recipes
different types of chicken recipes
Dal recipes
Indian dal recipes, pulses and gram for daily regular food
Egg recipes
egg recipes as main dish, snacks and starters, or as sweet dishes
Mutton recipes
mutton recipes and meat recipes in Asian way of cooking
Prawn recipes
prawn recipes with Indian spices
Rice recipes
different rice recipes with and without non vegetarian food
popular Indian snacks
Starter recipes
different starter recipes in Indian way of preparation
Vegetable recipes
vegetable recipes cooked in Indian way
Vegetable soups
clear and thick vegetable soups recipes
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My happy cooking is the site about cooking and recipes. If you have some unique and astonishing recipe to share with others, please write about it.
Cooking ingredients glossary
cooking ingredients glossary English and Hindi word for ingredients
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