Khandvi is a popular Gujarati snack. It is a well balanced food with protein and fat. This recipe is not very easy to make and you have to give full attention while making this dish. The preparation is spicy, but you will enjoy it.

Ingredients you will need to make this dish:

Bengal gram flour (besan) : . . . . . . 1/2 cup

Sour curd (khatta dahi) : . . . . . . . 1/2 cup

Ginger paste (adrak) : . . . . . 1 table spoon

Green chili paste (hari mirchi) : 1 tea spoon

Turmeric powder (haldi) : . . . . 1 tea spoon

Sugar (shakkar) : . . . . . . . 1/2 table spoon

Asafoetida (hing) : . . . . . . . 1/4 tea spoon

Salt (namak) as per your taste

for tempering:

Mustard seed (rai) : 1 tea spoon

Curry leaves (kadi patta) : 3 to 4

Red bor chilies (lal mirchi) : 3 to 4

Asafoetida (hing) : 1/4 tea spoon

Oil (tel) : 1/4 cup

for garnishing:

Grated coconut (narial) : 2 table spoon

Coriander leaves (hara dhania)

Mix bengal gram flour, curd, ginger paste, green chili paste, turmeric powder, sugar, asafoetida and salt. Add one cup of water and mix it thoroughly to make a smooth batter. Be sure that there is no lump formation. (you can use a mixer grinder)

Now transfer it in a non stick pan and cook on slow flame for 8 to 12 minutes. Keep on stirring continuously so that it does not stick or no lump is formed. Cook till it is done.

Grease the back of a flat bottom pan (thali) and pour a ladle full of cooked batter, which is still hot. Spread it over the bottom as much as possible (like dosa) to make a thin layer. You may use a rubber spatula to spread it.

Repeat the process with another pan. You may need 4 or 5 pans, depending on the quantity you take for each spread and how thin layer you can form.

When done with spreading, take the first layer and roll it completely to form a round spiral. (like a Swiss roll.) Cut it in 1 inch long pieces.

Repeat the process with remaining layers. Now put rolls in a pan.

Heat oil in a small top or vagharia and fry mustard seed and curry leaves for a minute. Add broken red chilies and asafoetida and fry for another minute. Pour this hot temper all over rolls.

Garnish khandvi with grated coconut and coriander leaves.

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